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Two Reasons You Will Want to Visit Toy Story Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios This Year!

Disney has announced that Andy will set up two new "playsets" this year in Toy Story Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios! Roundup Rodeo BBQ and Jessie's Trading Post are both coming to Andy's backyard in 2022.

credit - Disney

I am excited that while Roundup Rodeo BBQ restaurant was previously announced, it is finally becoming a reality. I have really been looking forward to learning more and eventually eating at this new Toy Story themed restarant.

Disney disclosed, "In this unique, fun, family-friendly dining experience, Guests will enjoy delicious barbecue fare while surrounded by a kaleidoscope of toys, games, and playsets that Andy has brought together to create his one-of-a-kind rodeo."

"Stepping into the lobby and waiting area, Guests experience first-hand what it feels like to be one of Andy’s honorary toys, before progressing into two larger dining room spaces where Andy’s rodeo takes place. Here, the rodeo will be in full swing, with western town and train station playsets mixing with surprising, playful details, like some fan-favorite Pixar characters as they’ve never been seen before!"

credit - Disney

Disney has also released information on a new gift shop in Toy Story Land. Disney said, "Yee-haw, attention all honorary toys! After enjoying a rollicking ride through Toy Story Mania!, Guests will soon be treated to a new experience that is filled to the brim with fun. Andy discovered Jessie’s Trading Post playset tucked away in the attic, and is bringing it downstairs to set up shop—full of the coolest toys and finest souvenirs handpicked by the rootinest, tootinest cowgirl."

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