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5(ish) Of My Most Favorite Disney YouTubers

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Amazing photo was taken by Here with the Ears! Thanks for allowing us to share!

YouTube is a bit of an obsession to me. I can't get enough of traveling to my favorite places through some amazing videos that some very talented content creators have put together for our enjoyment. In this blog post, I am sharing with you 5 (well actually 6) of my favorite content creators on YouTube. Please check them out, and click the like and subscribe buttons to reward them for all the hard work they put into creating these videos for us.


Dave and Michael Kay

Dave and Michael Kay are two brothers who each have their own fun travel-related YouTube channels. You can't watch one without watching the other!

Dave Kay tends to travel all across America where he vlogs about whatever he is currently doing. He just recently stayed in Hawaii for about a month which was fun. I mean, who wouldn't love to go to Hawaii for a month? He did recently say that he was going to stop vlogging and start creating various films of different types, but we will see. TBD! I wish him luck in whatever he decides to do, but I do hope he continues to vlog his travel adventures.

Michael Kay on the other hand specializes in Walt Disney World and the Disney Cruise Line. He is full of all kinds of wonderful Disney World information and tips. He also takes us on all kinds of fun adventures on property since he moved to Disney a year or two ago. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about Disney, so if you love Disney I would highly suggest checking out his channel.

Click here to visit Dave Kay's channel!

Click here to visit Michael Kay's channel!


Here with the Ears

Robert & Alyssa are a fun couple who decided to pack up everything they owned and drive down to Walt Disney World to spend an entire year ( YES THE WHOLE YEAR!!!) staying at the Walt Disney World resorts. How much fun would that be? They stayed at every Walt Disney World resort on property in 2019. This year, 2021, each day they tell their story about what happened that day in 2019. I love listening to their stories while pretending I am staying at Walt Disney World for a whole year. I think you will love it too.

Come check out the Year with the Ears by clicking here!


Kyle Pallo

Kyle was a cast member at Walt Disney World in a past life which I find fascinating to hear about. Now he is a full-time Youtuber and puts out a video every single day. His love for everything Disney is very infectious and I am always excited when I see his newest video pop up on my phone.

Check out his channel and subscribe to help him reach 100k subscribers! Click here!


Big Fat Panda

John Saccheri is such a nice guy who is always so positive and loves Disney just as much as I do! He puts out a live show called Big Fat Panda Live Show which is always a joy to watch. I enjoy hearing and learning from each of the guests he brings on to his show. I mean, what's not to love about sitting and chatting about Disney with fellow Disney lovers? John has also started a fun trivia game that airs every couple of weeks. Don't miss that! Our family always has a blast participating.

Come check John out here at Big Fat Panda!


Paging Mr. Morrow

Mr. Morrow aka Nathan is another Disney World enthusiast who likes to take us along on his journeys to the parks and resorts. He has even ventured out across the US to show us how some Disney attractions got their inspiration. One of my favorite things about Mr. Morrow is how he takes us to various antique malls, pawn shops, souvenir shops, and flea markets around central Florida where he finds all kinds of Disneyana. I have even ventured out beyond the parks just to see if I can find some things to add to my Disney collections at some of these shops.

Come watch some of Mr. Morrow's adventures by clicking here!


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